Two more weeks

The long wait is over, less than 14 days until I begin my hike. The anticipation is killing me, that I wish I could begin today.

I belong to a couple of Facebook hiking groups that helps me stay connected to the Appalachian Trail. I’ve learned so many great tips from not only successful hikers, but also what went wrong with those who didn’t finish.

Reasons why many quit are running out of money, fatigue, bad weather, not physically able to go on, and of course injury. It is the latter – injury – that freaks me out. Just today, I read that one person fell and broke her arm, while another tore their Achilles heel. Yikes!

In 2018, 4,650 people attempted the Appalachian Trail – 870 completed the gruelling 2,190 miles. That’s less than 1 in 5.

I imagine that the first couple weeks will be rough. I’m unable to train as we’re still living in below zero temperatures and a couple feet of snow. While I do get out and at least walk, snowshoe and other chores, it is the elevation training that will be the real test.

Next week we’ll be leaving for the US, expecting to be in Georgia on March 30th. I’ll have a full day to stock up on supplies at REI and WalMart that I couldn’t bring across the border.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I’ll set foot on the trail Wednesday, April 3rd. Let the fun begin!

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