Friends – Thank you!

An unexpected detour on our way to Georgia, took us back to where we lived before we moved off-grid last year – Ottawa, Ontario.
Ottawa was my home for 16 years, so stopping in before my big hike was nice. Staying in a hotel and eating out feels like a luxury, and while it was a short visit, seeing friends was the best part.
I had an awesome hair appointment with my favourite hair stylist. Something about getting my hair done gives me a boost, especially since it’s been about a year since I last had it done.
Next, we went to Kanata to visit – hard to put into words – because friends doesn’t seem like the right word. You know who you are, and what you mean to me. For 10 years, you’ve been not only close friends, but you know more about me than anyone on this planet. Guaranteed had I not met you, and how you’ve encouraged me, there is no way I’d be attempting this hike.
Finally, we stopped at our favourite pub – one that I made close friendships with for over a decade – O’Grady’s Pub. Totally unexpected, the night was magical in a way. From old friends to new acquaintances, I was able to share my pre-Hike jitters, worries and dreams. Your encouragement and well wishes hit me emotionally and will not be forgotten. I knew I had friends at the pub, but not that many. I mean, who come from NY state early to see me off? And, who returns from Cuba, to not go home, but to come to the pub and wish me well. Awesome! Unbelievable.
I could name names, but I won’t, but you know who you are. You all made me feel special last night for the challenge I’m undertaking. Your kind words, your interest, and positive vibes will be remembered.
I wish I could have spent more time in Ottawa to see everyone, but I will be back.
Today we drive to Guelph, the Cincinnati tomorrow, and finally Georgia on Sunday. While I’m a bundle of anxiety, this recent trip will comfort me.

Thank you.

One thought on “Friends – Thank you!

  1. pf

    wow,sounds like the fun has already begun, you must be doing something right to have such a wonderful send off… well here is wishing you all the success on your adventure from your
    Sand Lake girlfriend. ha hi to John

    … will tune in as you go …..


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