December 1-15, 2021

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Dec. 2 – John and I are back home after a two day shopping/mini-vacation to Timmins. For those not familiar with Timmins, it is located about 90 minutes southeast of us. For us – and we like to joke about this – this is our trip “south.” For most people, travelling in winter to a small city with a population of 41,000 doesn’t sound like a vacation, but it is for us.

Dining is a treat as we don’t get to eat out much. Our first night saw us visit a craft brewer called Full Beard Brewery. It’s a fun little place, serves food, and of course a wide variety of locally made beers.

List of available beers
Really nice vibe inside
Timmins – Not the prettiest city…but for a short trip, it was worth the drive.

The following day saw us shop at Home Depot and Canadian Tire. John needed lumber and a very much needed table saw. For dinner, we had hoped to eat at the restaurant in our hotel, but unfortunately they haven’t been able to open as they cannot find staff. This problem has been impacting a lot of businesses up here.

We drove back home yesterday, and just in time too. We got hit pretty hard with a snowstorm. No idea how much snow we received, but it was halfway up my boot.

Facing east, lots of snow. I had to shovel the snow so we can get to our compost heap.
We’re so lucky to have purchased a plow for the truck two years ago. Way easier and faster than with the snow thrower.
Me πŸ˜†

The day wasn’t all about moving snow. I had time to make a couple chicken pot pies ☺️

December 5th
Dec. 6 – little nippy outside. -35c with the windchill.
Dec 10 – another dumping last night. Expecting another 10-15cm tomorrow. At least temps have warmed up…from -29C to -9C.

Dec. 15 – weird weather…Was -36c windchill last week, today a high of +4C and tomorrow +9C. Since the weather is warm and not raining/snowing, I used our log splitter and filled up the wood shed.

8 thoughts on “December 1-15, 2021

  1. Hoppy.

    Hi Nina, glad to hear you are both well and enjoying life. I see you’ve decorated the house for Christmas. Did you have any trouble finding a tree, I hear there is a shortage!! No tree for us this year, due to the kitchen reno there is no room. Going to decorate a large plant we have.


  2. Amanda Mellway

    The living room looks beautiful! Glad you are doing well and you can keep all the snow and cold up there! Have a wonderful holiday season! ❀️❀️



    Hi Nina,
    I had to laugh at your trip down south!!! Everything is perspective.
    Happy to read that you had a good and productive trip.
    Your property is so pretty with all the fresh snow. We have freezing rain today.
    How do you make your filming so smooth….it feels like your gliding and not bouncing the camera around while filming. It’s documentary quality! Thanks for a glimpse into your world…very cool!

    I love the Christmas decorations 😍



    1. Hi Kristina!!

      Lol, people do get a kick that going down south doesn’t mean a trip to the Caribbean…or somewhere warm.
      Not sure about my filming, but loving the ease of filming with new iPhone.

      Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ…πŸŽ…


  4. Pauline Hopkinson

    Hi Nina and john ,finally got to read your blog ,glad to hear your doing well,your Christmas decorating looks lovely ,not much going on here due to the reno ,was going to send a pic of our plant decorated but didnt know how !! Maybe ill do it on Johns by txt Pauline


    1. Hi Pauline! Sorry about earlier mixup with this blog, but appears it is working now.

      Hopefully next year I’ll make it to Ottawa to see the kitchen reno. Sounds like it’ll be amazing.

      John says hi πŸ‘‹


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