December 16-31, 2021

Dec. 21 – Happy to report both John and I received our Covid booster shots today. Surprisingly busy at the location where we had to get the shot. Hopefully I don’t experience what happened following my second dose. The Moderna dose knocked me on my butt for 36 hours.

Dec. 22 – today I’m taking a goose out of the freezer to thaw for Christmas Day meal. I’ve never cooked a goose before, so this’ll be interesting. While perusing recipes I learned you don’t serve gravy with goose because the goose (like duck) is fatty. Gravy would be overkill. But, what is served with goose is a sauce. I found a recipe for a bourbon sauce that should pair up nicely. Apparently goose doesn’t match up with savoury herbs, but more fruit. Instead of my usual savoury stuffing, the goose stuffing will include raisins and apples.

Dec. 23 – it’s a cold one out there today -28c at the moment. Was a rough day and night yesterday as the affects of the booster shot hit me hard…again! This time it was the Pfizer shot that knocked me out. John is still feeling a sore arm as well, but I’m achy all over.

Dec 26 -18C
Our lake is now frozen, so safe to to wander out and take a pic of our home.
Dec 31 – two more loads of firewood – split and stacked.
From John and I – Happy New Year!!

8 thoughts on “December 16-31, 2021

  1. Pauline Hopkinson

    Hi to you both , it’s always great to hear how you are both doing and theres always something fun and interesting to read ! Happy New Year and let’s all hope the coming year proves to be better !!! Love Pauline xo

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  2. Hoppy

    Happy New Year to you guys. Hope you are feeling better Nine. We are well here, keeping a low profile, other than we have been out the last four days trying to pick out a backsplash for the kitchen Reno. Be glad when it’s finished

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  3. Susan Pierson

    The Moderna booster knocked me out as well, and it was only a half dose (as the booster is)! At least we are protected, right? Here is NC at the Raleigh hospital they say that 100% of the ICU patients are those who are unvaccinated.

    I wonder how the goose came out? I am a huge fan of duck and like the gamey fatty meat but have never had goose. We had my parents and my two sons here for Christmas Eve dinner, so there was six of us, and a Honey Baked Ham that Hope treated us to was the centerpiece, which made everything so easy.

    May 2022 be kind to us all! Much love to you both! 💕 – Susan

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    1. Ugh…those needles are the worst lol. Though I’m sure we’ll all learn to live with Covid and needles might be an annual thing, oh well.

      The goose came out great! After years of the same stuffing, it was nice to have something entirely dinner. And, the bourbon sauce was a nice change from gravy.

      Wish you and everyone around you the very best in 2022!,


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