March 18 – Update video

Hello all…

I just posted a video on YouTube, hope you’ll get a chance to view it. As I get more and more comfortable hearing my voice, I believe that going forward most of updates will be via video.

One reason is video can capture amazing views, how I’m doing and places I’m hiking. I really think videos will give you a chance to see what I’m seeing.

Second reason is it is very tedious to type long blog posts on my iPhone. All the past posts including this one have been typed on a tablet and is extremely forgiving on typing errors. iPhone takes too much time and way too many mistakes that I spend more time editing.

Some days when I have time, I’ll write the odd blog, but for now I’d like to go forward with videos.

This weeks video link:

If I could ask one little favour: when you visit the YouTube video, make sure to click on the red lettered “Subscribe” and click all. That way when new videos come out, you’ll get a notification.

That’s all for now ☺️

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